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What is America’s French Icarian Village?

America’s French Icarian Village is a living history museum being developed by the French
Icarian Colony Foundation on 34 acres of original Icaria land in southwest Iowa. The heart of
the development is the restored Icaria Cemetery, the 1878 refectory (communal dining hall), and
the 1860 one-room Icaria school.

The Village interprets the history of six Icaria Colonies in America that were part of a social
experiment began in France by French-born Etienne Cabet in the 1840s. The Icarians
established colonies from 1848 -1898 in Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa and
California. The Iowa Icarian Colony located 3 miles east of Corning, was established in 1852
and disbanded in 1898, making it the longest-lived, non-religious communal experiment in
American history.

The Village provides an Icarian experience that invites, educates and engages visitors.

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