Funded in part by Western IA Tourism Region 

Fifth and Sixth Grades
A Day in the Life of an Icarian Student ~ 4 Hour Program
10:00 am – 2:00 pm

This program gives young people the opportunity to explore what their lives might have been like in the Icaria Colony. They will spend time in the one-room school reading from McGuffy Readers, doing arithmetic problems, studying Icarian, and Adams County history, and more. When not in school, they will work at some of the jobs expected of the Icarian children, churn butter, make rope or work in the garden. Students may come in costume. They will need to bring an appropriate 1800s lunch (no refrigeration) to eat at mid-day.

12 students minimum/20 maximum, $5.00 per student. One adult free with every five students. A reservation 3 weeks prior to program date and prepayment is required. Bookings available to students, Monday through Friday, during September, October, April and May.

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