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Icaria Ancestor Program
The French Icarian Colony Foundation offers a way to commemorate your Icaria ancestors. If you roots are in the Icaria Colonies of Texas, Nauvoo Illinois, Cheltenham Missouri, Corning Iowa, or Cloverdale California, consider participating in the FICF Icaria Certificate Program. The information you submit remains on file at the FICF Research Library for the benefit of other family history researchers and you will receive an attractive certificate honoring the life of your Icaria ancestor.

Applications must prove direct descent and prove that the ancestor settled in an Icaria Colony:
• Between 1848 and 1898. 

A completed application consists of the following:  
• Application information and instructions may be found by clicking here.
• An application form can be downloaded here.
• A pedigree chart showing the ancestral line/lines of the person to whom the certificate is to be issued. A chart can be downloaded here.
• A $10 check, payable to the French Icarian Colony Foundation for each certificate requested.
• Copies of your documentation, because these records are used as a genealogical resource by other researchers, all proof of descent needs to be extracted from a primary source, such as an original document that was created at the time of the event (i.e., marriage, census, etc.). Submit copies or extracts from the actual documents cited. Documents that infer rather that establish the fact being claimed require additional corroborative evidence.

Send the completed application, pedigree chart, proof of descent and proper payment to:

Icaria Certificate Program 
French Icarian Colony Foundation
710 Davis Avenue, Suite 1
Corning, Iowa 50841

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